PSY 410 Week 3 Individual Assignment Eating Substance Abuse Sex Gender Sexual Impulse Control and Personality Disorders Paper

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This archive file includes PSY 410 Week 3 Individual Assignment Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, and Personality Disorders Paper Psychology - General Psychology

Week One

History and Overview of Abnormal Psychology

Individual Assignment: Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the field of abnormal psychology.  Address the following items: Briefly examine the origins of abnormal psychology.  Include challenges to defining and classifying normal and abnormal behavior. Provide a brief overview of how abnormal psychology has evolved into a scientific discipline. Briefly analyze the psychosocial, biological/medical, and sociocultural theoretical models related to the development of abnormal psychology.

Format  your paper according to APA standards.

Discussion Questions:

As discussed in your Week One readings, abnormal behavior cannot be defined without considering the continuum between normality and abnormality.  However, it is difficult to draw the line between what is normal and what is abnormal.  One of the things that blur the line is the media.  How has television, including reality television shows, sitcoms, dramatic presentations, and news reporting, impacted our concept of normalcy? 

As discussed in your Week One readings, one of the important concepts in abnormal psychology is the distinction between normal and abnormal.  To further explore this concept, I would like for each of you to identify at least five well-known individuals in government, religion, entertainment, and/or sports that you consider to be “normal” and five that you consider “abnormal.”  In your response, be sure to explain why you classified each individual as normal or abnormal. 

How do you define normal and abnormal behavior?  What factors inf...

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