Psy Movie Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Major depressive disorder, Anxiety Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: July 29, 2012
March 5, 2012

“Black Snake Moan”

Bamberg 2
I decided to look into the movie “Black Snake Moan” because of its strong psychological content that I can analyze. In this movie we have multiple characters in which each has their own psychological issues that have developed as a result of something in which they had to endure in their lives. I’m going to describe the plot as it is important to understand the setting and time that the characters were living in. This is important because of the dynamics of social norms within the timeframe that is portrayed in the movie. The geographic location is important as well as it would help us to understand what was accepted and what was not accepted of the characters which would allow proper analysis of how and why certain behaviors were significant.

The setting of the film was down in the dirty south. It was filmed in Stanton, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. The setting was centered on the Mississippi Blues movement during a time where Blues soothed the soul. The film features three characters that I want to talk about. Lazarus (on e of the main characters is a black former blues singer and guitarist. Lazarus has suffered from the pain and agony of being betrayed by his wife and his brother. His wife and brother had a sexual affair with each other which caused him to be a bitter and angry person. He developed a depressive disorder which caused him to shut people out and stay to himself meanwhile having episodes that also made him appear to have a mood disorder as well. He turned to faith in order to help get though all of the pain and disappointment that he had endured. He spent a lot of time reading the bible but this alone did not seem to totally bring him out of the depressive rut that he was in until he met Rae.

Bamberg 3
Rae was a young white woman who obliviously was a nymphomaniac. Rae was sexually abused as a young girl by her mother’s boyfriend. She knew that her mother knew what the man...
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