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Topics: Theory of cognitive development, Developmental psychology, Scientific method Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: February 23, 2014

Childs name- Sarah (age 7)

Sarah is in the preoperational stage of her life according to Piaget. Piaget describes this stage as children not being able to understand concrete logic. Children ages 2-7 are considered to be in this stage. While observing Sarah, I noticed that when she played, she pretended to be in various different scenarios. For example, she pretended to be a princesses and that her stuffed animals were her knights, while her favorite teddy bear was the prince. She pretended to be in a different setting and that her play house was her castle. This describes roll playing that is often evident in the preoperational stage. After Sarah was done playing, I asked her if she would like to participate in a “magic trick”. He replied with an energetic “yes!”. The “magic trick” that I did was Piaget’s theory of conservation. I took two cups and filled them both with the same amount of water. I asked Sarah which cup had more water in it, or if they had the same amount. She said that both cups had the same amount of water in them. After that, I took a much larger glass and poured one of the previous glasses of water into the larger glass, and asked the same question. She said that the glass that was much wider had less water in it. This demonstrated that Sarah did not comprehend that the same amount of water that was in the first glass was now in the lager glass, only displaced differently. After observing Sarah, I found it fascinating how Piaget’s developmental theories were not only accurate, but easily testable in the daily lives of children. Furthermore, even though Sarah was almost to the concrete operational stage at 7 years old, she still demonstrated all of the characteristics of a child in the preoperational stage.
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