psychsim 5: brain and behavior

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Child development Pages: 3 (428 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Chapter 5
Developing Through the Lifespan
What is development?
The more-or-less predictable _________________ in behavior associated with increasing _________________. Developmental psychology
The field of psychology that focuses on development across the _________________. Development is _________________

Physical, cognitive, and socioemotional
Development is _________________

We continue to develop across the lifespan with _______________ in some areas and __________________ in other areas


A single _______________ cell (male) penetrates the outer coating of the ____________ (female) and fuses to form one fertilized cell.

A _________________ is a fertilized egg with 100 cells that become increasingly diverse. At about 14 days the zygote turns into an _______________ (a and b).

At _____ weeks, an embryo turns into a _______________ (c and d). ___________________ are chemicals or viruses that can enter the placenta and harm the developing fetus.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
Abnormalities include _______________ deformities, defective limbs or heart, cognitive deficiencies __________________

Prescribed to expecting mothers in the 1960’s to reduce morning sickness

Caused limb malformations

Physical Development: Infancy and Childhood
All neonates are born with many _________________
These reflexes have aided in _________________
Eventually, they will become _________________
Physicians can test reflexes to assess _________________ development Brain development

Maturation: Systematic physical growth of the body, including the nervous system

Certain tasks are difficult to learn before maturation occurs

Example: Toilette training, reading, language
Maturation of the brain must occur before these tasks can be mastered

Physical Development: Infancy and Childhood
Over the first two years of life, _________________ _________________ become...
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