(Ptlls) Assignment 1 Q3

Topics: Discrimination, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: February 22, 2011

Assignment 1
Question 3 - Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners.

In modern day society we all expect equality in one form or another, the diversity and the make up of our class rooms and lecture halls today, reminds us that the learning environment should be about ensuring learners are treated fairly and not discriminated against. Regardless of there: • Race

• Religion
• Gender
• Disability
• Age
• Or learning needs
As a teacher/trainer its important for me to identify any individual needs of the learners. I could undertake this using a number methods such as, inductions, interviews, conversations, written assessments or questionnaires. From these assessments I'm able to identify whether the learners are, • Activists

• Reflectors
• Theorists
• Pragmatists
and create an inclusive learning environment for my learners, using a variety of methods that would help the learner feel at ease and part of the group, these could be: • Supply handouts at the beginning of the lesson (possible on coloured paper) • One to one learning or homework

• Visual or audio aids (consider seating arrangements) • Allow recording aids (with the consent of the group) • Provide following weeks course work (allowing more time to research) • Allowing learners to leave the room when required without having to ask or alter break times • Is the learning environment suitable? Are the tables the correct height for wheelchair users? Are welfare facilities and emergency access easily accessible? • Remembering to be professional when delivering a course and avoid stereotyping learners on first impressions.

It's important to note there are many other points of referral to help meet the learner needs: • Translator's/interpreter's
• Mentors to...
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