Raising Cain

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Child Development
November 17, 2013
Raising Cain
I find it interesting that in the study of an infant girl being ignored by her mother she was better able to cope with the emotions accompanied by the action versus an infant boy who became frustrated and upset. I know for my nephews they tend to be a bit more emotional and animated when it comes to interacting with the family and just playing. I have two girls and they just don’t tend to play as hard or have quite as much violence tied into their play.

I agree with the way that Japan deals with their children’s inner conflict with one another, we should allow our children to work there problems out amongst themselves, that being that it doesn’t become hurtful. I put both of my children in Day Care so they could socialize themselves with other children their age. I understand that boys tend to be more active and sometimes violent, but we as a society should not stifle that, because then little boys sometimes come to the conclusion that something is wrong with them, when that isn’t not true.

I found it very sad that most of the D’s and F’s accounted for in schools is contributed to boys, but it has to do with the fact that they are very active, much more active than girls; and as we know school requires you to sit down, be still and do your work. So being that they are more active, doctors tend to diagnose them with ADHD that just isn’t right. Why medicate them for being who they naturally are, they are not sick, but all we are doing is making our boys feel like there is something wrong with them, so they are constantly doubting themselves and changing to suit someone else’s perception of what they should be. We as a society really need to take a look at that, and become more supportive of our young boys and give them someone to look up to that accepts them for being exactly who they are.
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