Rampant Violent Crime

Topics: Violent crime, Crime, Violence Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: June 8, 2013
Since my opponent didn't give any arguments, I'll first my arguments: 1.Violence was always there. It's not a new invention. Since the beginning of time, there has been violence. The first murder is mentioned in the bible. Much before there was even electricity. 2.If the violence you see on television causes you to act violently, each and every one of us (since most of us watch TV) would have been violent 3.Those who act violently are people which are naturally violent. The proof of that is that animals act violently too. animals do not watch TV. They act violently since they are naturally violent creatures.

People don't like to look to themselves when we think about our faults so we turn to a inanimate Scapegoat. While Television has violent programs, it is our decision whether or not to act on what we see or what we allow our children to watch. To blame tv is irresponsible, not taking responsibility to yourself. Virtually everyone in our society watches television, yet we don't have rampant violent crime rates. Violence existed long before the television and violent crime rates have actually dropped over time. That alone should invalidate any claim of a direct causal relationship. Unless you want to suggest that violence would be virtually non-existent if we had no entertainment, in which case you're being intentionally obtuse. What television show people have been watching for the last thousands of years? People have been killing people and committing crimes since the beginning of time. I ask an opponent to find one source linking TV to violence directly. Societies with TY's and societies without TV's have crime. Television was the scapegoat formed by the old thesis before the antithesis could roll it over.

There is no distinction between right and wrong anymore. I see kids crying in the grocery store all the time, and their parents give them candy. For crying! They associate bad behavior with getting what they want. People who are used to getting...
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