Reality Show - Housewives

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The Housewives – Reality TV Show

The Real Housewives of Miami features some of the most sizzling cities most prominent socialites. It stars Alexia Echevarria, the executive director of Venue magazine, former Texas native and prominent community activist Lea Black, Public Relations exec Marysol Patton, and Brazilian art curator Adriana De Moura-Sidi. Rounding out the group is Larsa Pippen, wife of retired basketball champ Scottie Pippen, and former NBA wife Cristy Rice. When they are not working, taking care of their children, or hanging out on the beach, the clan enjoys everything Miami’s colorful and swanky social scene has to offer. This reality show is not age appropriate for children 14 and under. Parents need to know that these series as is typical of the Real Housewives franchise, features lots of materialistic wealth, catty behavior, strong language and drinking. It also contains some strong sexual innuendo and Latino stereotypes, both which reflect Miami’s reputation for being sexy. What i found odd was when the blonde Cuban mom took issue with her son buying his girlfriend a $600 ring, but not with sending him on a cruise with her! Was this a class trip cruise? It did not sound like it at all. It just seemed like a couple of over indulged teens going on a pre-honeymoon cruise. The episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami, New York, Atlanta are all the same. In my opinion, all this show is about is a cougar version of the bad girls club gossiping, and fighting over relationships or even money. I’ve also noticed how the housewives are so segregated, The housewives of Atlanta has all black women, NY all white women, Miami would be just mixed women. These shows are not what I would call reality.
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