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Topics: Big Brother, Reality television, Endemol Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Yelling, jumping, fighting, public display of emotion, dancing, singing and not to forget the various kinds of innovative and out-of-the-box abuses which are “covered-up” by the means of beep sounds – these are the ingredients that go into the making of a prime time so-called reality show. Channels, through daily soaps, preach morals and values with full vigour. But these same channels have allegedly scripted reality shows lapped up with vulgar and objectionable content. Good Morning. I am _______ of class XII here before you to express my views on something that has become a topic of discussion among all of us… Reality Shows. Firstly, what is a reality show??

Reality shows are a television programming genre that presents unscripted situations, documents actual events and usually features unknowns instead of professional actors. Big Brother once said, “This is Big Brother. All audience members will report to the diary room, immediately, to discuss the serious real life matters, getting into funny costumes on Friday nights, and having cockroaches crawling all over your head.” Well, did that sound ‘real’ to you?

Indian television industry is now full of reality shows and most of the shows have become controversial due to some scenes or episodes which abuses the traditional and cultural values of the country. Reality shows to find the best singers, best dancers, best comedians, best quizzers and even shows to find the luck of a person have captured the minds of people. Almost all the languages in India and almost every channel in the country will have their own reality shows. Talking about the impact of these non-real reality shows on children and youth - Children who view reality programs have been shown to suffer ill effects from the content of such programmes. One Australian study revealed that children who watched reality shows were significantly more likely to associate wealth, popularity and beauty as factors that contribute to happiness. It's no surprise...
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