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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: August 30, 2013

For years television programs dominated only by two genres: the comedy and drama.Shows that you and your family watched every night just to know what will happen to the characters of the show.Will he going to die?will she find out that she was her real daughter? was some of the questions we asked to ourselves after we finished watching that kind of TV programs.Today, however, TV programming are now dominating by new genre, the controversial and extremely popular reality TV shows.Shows like Big Brother,Survivor,Fear Factor ,American Idol and Amazing Race fell in this category.Even our local TV stations here in Philippines are now open to franchising international reality shows to produce local versions like Survivor Philippines,Philippine Idol,Pinoy Dream Academy and Pinoy Big Brother.

Reality TV shows is so very popular now because it is unpredictable and a guilty pleasure phenomenon. TV viewers loves watching sports because they don’t who will win in the end of the game just like in reality TV shows,you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Who’s going to cry,will they become friends again,which tribe will win the next challenge,who’s going to be the next idol.TV viewers loves giving their own opinion on what they think will happen next or who’s going to win and because of that watching reality TV shows satifies the needs of TV viewers for the unpredictable.Reality TV shows truly a guilty pleasure phenomenon even though you don’t want to watch it anymore,there’s still an urge to watch it because like what I said it satifies your needs of unpredictable and your needs of entertainment.

Reality TV shows brought big changes on audience TV viewing.It brought TV viewers to the new height of enterntainment that why it’s so very popular. Love it or hate it, reality TV shows is here to stay. Producers will continue producing reality shows, big brands will continue...
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