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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Amy B
Reality TV Should Really Be Called Unreality TV
This generation loves reality TV. Reality TV has fooled people into believing that their shows are interpretations of real life. It has caused problems for the world and does not promote anything good for people. Although people enjoy watching reality TV, it should really be called unreality TV because it is staged, it does not resemble real life, and it sets bad examples for the people watching it.

Reality television fools people into believing that their show is not staged. They want you to believe that they are just living their everyday normal lives. The truth is that most of the show is rehearsed. The actors and actresses have scripts to make their show more enjoyable. They do not just roll the tape and whatever happens on their footage, they use. They plan out each episode with locations, summaries, and scripts.

Alex Strachan from Canwest News Service emphasized, “Reality TV shows magnify simple problems or oversimplify complex problems.” That is another reason why it should be called unreality TV. All the shows care about is drama. That is how they get more people to watch. Some of those people’s lives are ridiculous. They make every problem that they have a big deal. Excessive arguments, screaming, and constant bickering are uncalled for. According to a study cited by social psychologists Jeanne Albronda Heaton and Nona Leigh Wilson in there book Tuning in Trouble, “There are now more homes with TV in the U.S. than there are homes with running water.” People love the drama and for some reason help continue these ridiculous shows.

Reality TV sets horrible examples for the people watching it. Alex Strachan from Canwest News Service states, “Reality TV is democracy of a kind- a particularly messy, disorganized kind, in which anyone can become famous, regardless of talent, ability, or character.” People see these shows and try to act like the people on them in these terrible...
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