Reality Tv Effects on Society

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: November 18, 2011
The Effects of Reality Television on Society

Television has become a “member” of almost every single family on our planet. And not just an ordinary member, but a very important one, because the time spent next to it exceeds the amount of time spent together with any other family member. You do not have to apply any efforts to talk or listen to complaints while “communicating” with it. Television has the power to alter society. Whether we realize it or not, what we watch and listen to stays in our brains for many years. But “what is reality television?” one might ask. Reality TV is defined by MSN Encarta as “television programs that present people in live, though often deliberately manufactured, situations and monitor their emotions and behavior.” Television is filled with a variety of shows. The variety ranges from cartoons to soap operas. The list goes on. These shows air on a daily basis and most of them contain negative comments, actions, or innuendos. However, the main culprit is reality television. This genre of entertainment has expanded its horizons in recent years. Boundaries have been broken and morals have been compromised. Reality television shows such as Jersey Shore, The Bachlorette, Toddlers in Tiaras, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are all shows that have a negative influence on young adults, sometimes even adults themselves.

Television shows have a tendency to idolize individuals. After appearing on television shows, ordinary individuals suddenly become “stars”. In society’s eyes, they are people that are to be looked up to. Young girls look up to celebrities as if they are good role models. What they don’t realize is the examples that are being taught by celebrities are not always good ones. The reality television show Jersey Shore has become popular over the past couple years. This show is one that promotes foul language, sexual activity, and social drama. This show, however, has become a teen favorite. A major downside...
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