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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 16, 2014
There was a general tendency towards broadcasting reality television programs in China recently, which have caught the attentions of millions of audiences and critics. However, the government have taken some controls to them due to the values reflected.(Bergman2010) The general audiences have given different comments on the reality TV shows. According to Bergman(2010), some Chinese teenagers reflected that the dating show, If You Are The One, cause angst to the problem of poverty gap and altered the traditional social attitude. In the show, a Beijing model Ma Nuo refused to get on a bike from a poor contestant, another lady Zhu Zhenfang want 200,000 yuan if the suitors need her handshake. Meanwhile, Xie Yong, a spectator of the reality programs, remarked on the website “Sohu .com” that there was a great difference between the value of mammonism and the traditional values such as patriotism and filial piety. However, Jacobs(2011) indicates another reality talent show, The Voice Of China, have touched millions of audiences, including an university student from Guangzhou, Peggy He,who said the contestants’efforts has impressed her. A microblogger also mentioned that the sincerity and the reverence for music were showed by contenders . Apart from the views of general audiences, the reality TV programs lead to the critics to give their reviews. The government described “The First Heartthrob” as “sensationalist” and “vulgar”(Bergman2010). He(2012) mentions that ”Super Girls” was described as “vulgar,” “manipulative” and “poison for our youth”. Some regulators reported that it would lead to the misinterpretation values on ethics and moral and corrupted the society. Liu Zhongde, a cultural protector who led the campaign against“Super Girl”, berated it is a low cultural show and it has attacked the conventional Chinese culture. Although there are different opinions from the public, the government have taken some actions to control these reality TV programs. As...
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