Reality TV Shows

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Reality TV shows
The reality TV is a television genre, usually on a feuilleton mode, the daily life of anonymous or celebrities.

So it is Type of television show that take the life of one of celebrities or anonymous as a subject , whereupon come into contact with reality through presenting of facts in a manner most likely devoid of any goal, but the goal of truth itself.

Reality shows often borrow from other television genres such as documentary, game, variety or fiction. The reality TV could gain a large number of viewers because of the modern TV show methods and the way where it approach of people's lives and their dreams. In addition to the use of modern methods in the announcement of the programs and the desire to provoke and thrill viewers to keep watching it. TV stations followed the method of engaging viewers in this kind of TV shows through voting via SMS and the Internet, and this method make these stations earn a lot of viewers and advertisers, and thus enormous financial benefits. Reality TV programs are very profitable because the cost of production is very low and the TV channels are gaining a lot of money through SMS sent by viewers to eliminate or save a particular candidate. One cannot deny that this type of TV show is used seduction and temptation in many of its parts, and the goal is clear to everyone is to attract teenagers in particular, and in addition to those looking for entertainment watching this kind of TV shows.

And therefore it is not reasonable that all what appears in those shows are the reality and truth with the utmost impartiality. And it's good to recognize that the producers of this type of TV Shows are interfering in some detail canvassers offer candidates a dramatic way and sometimes comedy way at other times and the ultimate goal is to make audience cling to these candidates.

It is clear that this type of TV shows are a pure profit for each of the television stations and telecommunications companies that...
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