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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 1, 2014
Argument #1

When you consider other types of television shows, like talk shows for example, the popularity of reality TV isn’t all that surprising. It seems that people simply enjoy watching other people perform various activities. Television networks realize this; therefore the number of reality shows has grown considerably in the last few years. Unfortunately, this type of programming has turned into something more than harmless entertainment. Reality television shows do not depict true reality because they are scripted, they overdramatize events, and they cannot capture the truth when people are in front of the camera. But do viewers care if their shows have been, say, artificially enhanced? Reality TV is a misnomer because much of the action and dialogue is actually scripted or controlled by the producers. Reality TV is a much manipulated format where the basis of it is that real people are put into unreal situations to create a story. As soon as they get into an unreal situation, one could argue that it’s scripted, because the situation is created by the producers. The television music competition show, ‘The X Factor’, is supposed to be unscripted, but certain documents have revealed that the show follows an Australian production Bible which has the scripts of main aspects of this television series. A source involved with the show revealed that some on-screen events are manipulated in the post-production. Thus the show is scripted. This is well related to ‘American Idol’, where previously unknown individuals are meant to audition in front of unscripted judges, little do the viewer’s know, much of the conversation and judgment was previously planned. “Call it ‘partially scripted television’, says Ray Richmond. The longtime television critic who now blogs about entertainment and pop culture, said he has been trying – so far unsuccessfully—to have the term “reality television” switched to “partially scripted television.” Often, reality TV shows are...
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