Reality Tv Versus Regular Tv

Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: November 30, 2013
Reality Tv Versus Regular Tv
Kim Braden
ENG 122
Instructor: Amanda Price
October 29, 2013

Running Head: R. Tv. Vs. Reg. Tv 1

Reality has become very popular. In today’s society reality tv has become a lot more popular Than regular tv. People would prefer to watch reality tv over a regular tv show. I’m sure their Is more than what I can count. It can be very relaxing, put you on the seat of your choice, or Leave tears in your eyes, as well as entertaining. The more people that watch reality tv shows, the better the ratings. Some people are addicted to reality tv shows. I know that for me, I like to watch several reality tv shows. Reality tv shows come on at all times of the day. Some people can set their recorder to record a realty tv show. This away adults can watch it after their kids go to bed. All reality tv shows are age appropriate. At least there suppose to be.

According to a recent licensing deal, 17 new reality tv shows that we will be able to watch. There will be more available from this network than any other network that’s out there. Some Of the shows that we will be able to see, will be “Baby ER,” “Drama School,” The Zoo,” and “Honolulu PD.” This is only a few that will be available. Reality tv was only available five Years ago in Europe. It can be broadcast in 18 different languages. The us has reality tv shows Like “Rescue 911” and “Americas Most Wanted.” All networks are constantly competing Against one another. It can be hard to talk about when there is so much competition out there. A lot of reality tv shows are defined as hidden camera. They are always working out deals. A lot of reality tv shows are documented. Most of them are script free. In other words they Can say whatever they want freely. Most of the time, there is always a contract involved. Not only can it tap into our emotions, but it can leave us...

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