Red or Blue?

Topics: Mind, Morpheus, Thought Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Cicely Wood
English 101 – 004
1 December 2012
Red or Blue?
There are some questions people come across in life that could change his or hers life forever. For example, in The Matrix Neo must chose to take the blue pill and live in an ignorant bliss, or take the red and find out the truth about the world he is living in. Most people are raised to believe certain things, meaning they believe in what ever their parents believe in, and their parents believe in what their parents believed in as well. They get it stuck in their minds that their parents could never be wrong, so they believe anything their parents tell them, even if it is not completely truthful. Overall, people do not regularly think for themselves, creating a matrix by simply being a follower and not seeing what may be the truth by thinking for themselves for once. The red pill symbolizes the truth. If one takes the red pill they will be told the truth about everything in the world and not be able to forget what they have learned about it. The red pill could be a metaphor for one simply opening up their minds and trying to learn the truth about the world they are living in. Many people live with a closed mind, thinking there could not possibly be anything more to life then what meets the eye. Opening one's mind, or taking the red pill, could open a new door in life and show the person there really is more to life then they know. The blue pill symbolizes living in an ignorant bliss to what a person's life has potential to be. It symbolizes the person living with a closed mind, the person who has the daily routine boring kind of life style. The blue pill could be a metaphor for someone being “asleep” meaning that they are not conscious of what is really going on around them. They do not see that there is so much more to life then their everyday routines. The people who would take the blue pill are they people afraid of what might really be the truth about the world they are living in, and would...
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