Refection Essay in Adolescence

Topics: Human development, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The purpose of this paper is to discuss human development in reflection upon my own personal growth. Human development is a set of changes that occur systematically and continuously over the lifespan. In addition it involves gains and losses and neutral changes that is categorised into three different domains; physical, cognitive and psychosocial functioning.( Sigelman, Rider & De George-Walker, 2012: pg 31) Throughout my childhood the experience of my father beating my mother has dramatically affected my own developmental changes. In particular it has affected my psychosocial domain in relation to how these specific incidents in certain ageing periods impacted and affected me as an individual, both emotionally and socially. Since birth I have encountered many different psychosocial developmental effects from my father physically abusing my mother. After already suffering from mistrust issues of having the unresponsive parenting behaviour needed as an infant, I found it difficult to adjust socially and became somewhat of an outsider within the school environment through my childhood period. I suffered from this because my mother would constantly be away from home and unable to provide satisfied needs. This emotional distrust I experienced proves the first stage of Erickson’s psychological theory which is the trust versus mistrust. This is when the infant expects the parents to respond to their needs or otherwise they develop mistrust.( Sigelman, Rider & De George-Walker, 2012: Pg 43) . In school I felt inferior to my peers and being well aware they used me as a bullying target. Although I have three older brothers and a younger sister, I felt alone and isolated. Because of my parents constant reminder of ‘don’t tell anyone’ it enforced fear and disclosure as I had no one to turn to. I felt secluded from whom I was to discuss my problems with and as if there wasn’t already enough conflict within the home environment, I didn’t want to become anymore of a...

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