Reflection Paper

Topics: Psychology, Development, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Juno Renee T. Javier
Module 1
Reflection Paper

We study child’s development to further our knowledge about how it evolves over the entire life span of a child specifically during his/her childhood. It has been 4 years ago since I studied psychology courses during my undergrad program. Going back to basic feels good, I am rediscovering and relearning the topics that I enjoyed few years ago. Module one talks about the general meaning of development and other terminologies that is widely used in the field of psychology. It cuts through the general theories that are mostly discussed in early childhood. This module just gave me “that” feeling again, the desire to learn and unfold the theories, once again.

Development is defined as growth of humans throughout the lifespan from conception to death. Under development are some terms like maturation where in it specifies how person reacts to a certain situation or environment in a suitable manner. And as we grow old and develop we have experienced critical periods where in a child displays a lot of sensitivity to certain environment stimulants where in some of us believes that this is one of the best periods to really develop the child into their boundless opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. There are also themes of development like continuity versus discontinuity where in continuous development shows gradual change and smooth progress in an orderly way, while discontinuity refers to the idea that developmental change is characterized in an abrupt and discrete fashion, rather than gradual. Another theme is nature versus nurture this theme debates the relative role of biology and experience in human development. Adding to the themes is stability versus change that refers to characterization of a child’s behaviour that is either affected by stability overtime or by change.

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