Reflection Paper 2

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, University Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: January 21, 2015
Katherine Jones
Professor Brianne Davila
SOC 201-01
26 November 2014
Reflection Paper #2: Student Performance
If you were to think about the classroom as a stage and I was performing the role of the student, I would be categorized as a responsible student. I use many props – such as my backpack, writing utensils and my notebook – and I have an audience filled with peers and my professor. This is shown throughout various different characteristics of the student. Teachers, parents, and peers can all assume who is a good student and who is not by their preparation for the class, in-class behavior, and how they manage their classes on their free time. It is permanently vital to be prepared for class not only for yourself but to show the professor what kind of student you are. This means that the student should have read the material beforehand to get a clear understanding of the theme of the following lecture and prepare any questions. Also, being on time and bringing the proper necessities to class will show your professor that you are ready to learn. Being prepared for class is the first impressions students show their professors. I complete my preparation the day before the class. I do this to refresh my memory of the new course material. In addition, if I have a question, I jot it down in my note book so I will not forget it the day of class. I always keep my needed supplies in my backpack and double check before every class. If you are not prepared, your professor may think down upon you, which is an undesirable way to prove your self-worth. Behavior inside the classroom is correspondingly important. Just like being prepared, showing up to class on time can increase your chances of having a great first impression. Classroom etiquette involves staying throughout all of class while being involved and taking notes. Although I am very shy and quite, I give my professors clues that I am paying attention and am interested in their class. To do this, I sit in...
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