reflective teaching

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Reflective teaching
Among the many approaches to teaching, reflective teaching is the one kind that affords the teacher the opportunity to employ a wholistic approach towards the children in our classroom. It is not only a series of steps that allow the teacher to accomplish his or her defined goals but also it involves action that according to Dewey 199 it involves intuition, emotion and passion. The classroom experiences that a teacher is engaged in when participating in reflective teaching dictated him or her to adapt three basic principles that Dewey advocates: open mindedness, responsibility and whole-heartedness. This approach to teaching allows reflective teachers to move away from teaching as a routine activity and enables them to be more conscious of the student’s academic and social development. In fact, it allows teachers to effect life changing opportunities on various students in their class room. Proponents of reflective teaching maintain that for much too long, “teacher [have been] considered to be consumers of curriculum knowledge, but are not assumed to have the required skills to create or critique that knowledge” (Parris; 1993.P. 149). Instead a reflective teacher will repeatedly seek answers to the question why they do what they do. For them there is always an alternative possibility behind the rational of what is natural and right. They analyze stereotypes and are sympathetic to opposing point-of-views and accept the strength and weaknesses of others prospective. By extension teachers when viewed as reflective practitioners can both pose and solve problems related to the educational practice. A reflective teacher thinks how he or she frames and how to solve the problem at hand. According to Dewey, the process of reflection for teachers begin when the experience a difficulty, troublesome event, or experience that cannot be immediately resolved. Teachers then step back to analyze their experiences due to a sense of uncertainty or unease....
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