Reparations From Europe to the Caribbean

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (1095 words) Published: November 6, 2014

CARICOM the Call for Reparation
Don Omar in a speech stated, “So called pragmatist who argue that the question of reparation is impractical, unachievable, utopian a waste of time and energy are ignorant of the moral power of a cause of whose time has come”. (Revitalization of the Reparations Movement Chicago). These strong remarks should be the thought of all Africans throughout the Caribbean, furthermore the world as we seek reparation for the continued pain and suffering that slavery has left behind. Reparations is the process of repairing the consequences of crimes committed and the attempt to reasonably remove the habilitating effects of such crimes upon victims and their descendants. Zacchaeus made reparations after speaking to God, Israel was awarded reparations from Germany after the World War 2, “Paris peace treaty” made Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria pay by means of war reparations, commitment to minority rights and territorial adjustments. The list of individuals, groups, countries and economies that have been given repatriation goes on. These accounts have shown countries successfully receiving repertory justice for crimes far less heinous in nature to the “….. Abhorrent barbarism/ magnitude, organisational nature and especially the negation of the essence of the victims” (The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States declaration) of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Every cause no matter the magnitude nor nature of the cause would always be opposed by ignorant and immoral individuals. Claims have been made by antagonist stating that the call for reparation is an “impractical, unachievable, utopian and a waste of time” (Don Omar). The call for repatriation in the Caribbean isn’t a call for monetary hand-outs to governments, nor is it one based on creating a perfect CARICOM society by asking the European’s to spoon feed us. It is a call for not only economic reparations but also to mend the pride, dignity and self-respect...
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