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ROSE, AN ORGANIZATION SUPPORTING EDUCATION SITE VISIT REPORT _____________________________________________________________________ , 1. PROJECT TITLE Siragu School, Suyam, Chennai 2. PROJECT IDENTIFIER (To be filled by ROSE volunteer) (Format: "Year-Name of NGO or school-Village or town", e.g. 2007-Suyam-Chennai) 2008-Suyam-Chennai 3. CONTACT PERSON INFORMATION Name of ROSE volunteer coordinating the Praveen Raghavan project +32 484 425 036 Telephone Email Name of ROSE volunteer doing site visit of the project Telephone Janaki Raman Rangarajan

+32 488 568 924         

Email Name of project executor Telephone Email Mr. Muthuram +91 94444 04822

If executor is part of an NGO, then please provide 4. INFORMATION ON THE NGO Name Address Suyam Charitable Trust No. 22, Muthu St., Vyasarpadi Chennai 600 079, Tamilnadu , India +91 44 25204822 / +91 44-43237732 +91 44 25204822

Telephone Fax Email Website Registration Number

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ROSE, AN ORGANIZATION SUPPORTING EDUCATION SITE VISIT REPORT _____________________________________________________________________ 5. SITE VISIST REPORT – JUNE 2009 June 26, 2009 – Friday: 8:00 AM – 13:00 Participants: Janaki Raman R (ROSE volunteer), Muthuram (Project Executor), Poornima (Janaki Raman’s sister) We travelled to the Siragu school though public transport of EMU trains from Perambur, chennai to Avadi Military siding station (30 minutes), followed by .auto ride to siragu school for 15 minutes (4 – 5 kms, Rs. 50 for auto). Mr. Muthuram joined us enroute and took us to the school. We reached the school around 8:45 hours.

The location of the school is little remote from Avadi military siding station. The access roads to the school are well layed and can be commuted by two/three/four wheelers. The school is little isolated surrounded by barn/bushes in three sides. The perimeter of the school is surrounded by well erected compund wall and the ground level is raised to cope with the water stagnation. Still, the access to the school during the rainy season could be a hard job and water stagnation during heavy rains could be expected.

School transport:
As we arrived at the school at 8:45 hours, the school van was buzzing with kids. In tandem we could see autos (three-wheeled taxis), ferrying school children from neighbouring villages. Both due to the remote location of the school and to motivate the less priveleged children, the school employs 2 school vans to ferry children from nearby areas. Public transport to the school seems non-existent. Majority of school van users seem to pay a nominal van fees, which is regular revenue to the school.

During our visit, one of the second hand school van was broken and there was severe over load on the only one van. To cope with the transport issue, the school was employing autos to ferry the children. In addition, the lone school van was doing multiple trips to the school dropping one batch after the other. By the time we were there, the van was leaving for third round for the day. Mr. Muthuram detailed about the transport being a serious problem, because if not for the transport many kids from remote areas, might not take the extra step to attend the school regularly. Recently, there seem to have been a major foriegn funding (~ 6 lakhs from NL), for buying a new vehicle for the school. Partial school funding along with major contributions from external funding,‘swaraj mazda van’ had been bought by the school, both to use them for

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ROSE, AN ORGANIZATION SUPPORTING EDUCATION SITE VISIT REPORT _____________________________________________________________________ siragu transport and for suyam trust usage. The formalities were finished and the...
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