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Internship teaching is the culminating experience of the first degree program in education. It provides the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge on pedagogies in the actual classroom setting and gain the experience. The internees are exposed to an environment where they encounter learners for the first time and face them with multitude of ideas, approaches, techniques and processes. During the internship period I got ample opportunities to demonstrate the art of teaching in actual situation and participate in all activities at the school level.

The duration of internship was one semester. I tried to perform the assigned responsibilities in Azimpur Girl’s School and College under the direct management and control of the heads of respective school and under the supervision of two subject-supervisors and a school co-coordinator, assigned by Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka.


Teaching is in the center regarding all educational issues. So as a student of Institute of Education and Research, we should have an experience in teaching at the field level. Before starting teaching face to face it helps a practice teacher to acquaint themselves with the process, method of teaching if they observe a class of a certain level before entering in a class as a teacher.

I have observed 3 science classes of grade 8. I have analyzed those classes and gave a brief description of one of the classes below.

Azimpur Girl’s School and College
Class: 8Sec: B
Time: 11.45-12.25
Date: 29.08.05
Period: 2nd

About the lesson

The class was on physical science on “Work, Power and Energy”. The lesson contains discussion about the following topics: 1) Work and the mathematical expression of work
2) Different types of work
3) Power


I had to observe the physical science class of Md. Shamsul Alam sir. I was waiting in front of his classroom. When he came I asked him politely if he could give me the permission to observe his class. He told me to sit in the class.

When the teacher entered the class all the students’ stood up and when he told them to sit, they took their sits. At first he declared the lesson. Then he started his lecture by relating the lesson with practical experiences. Then he showed the mathematical expression in the black board.

He explained the different types of work and to do so he dropped the duster from his hand and so also took a book higher from the desk. Now he told that if any student is more curious to know more about this he could go through the text book of higher secondary level, but this is adequate to write down in the exam paper.

Then he asked the class “what is power?” one of the students answered. He agreed with him. Then he discussed on the unit of power.

After that, he discussed with the students on energy, its unit and different forms of energy. He sometimes asked some examples and the students’ participated.

While continuing the class he also told students to co operator with me. He left the class before the due time to let me introduce myself in the class. I talked with the class about their class times, syllabus, hobbies etc. when the bell rang for the next class, I left the room.

Main features of the lesson observed:

A. Physical facilities:

• Location of the class: The class is in the middle of the 2nd floor in the main school building. • Shape of the class: The shape of the class room is almost square. • Doors and windows: All the windows are in the right side of the class and the only door is in the left side of the room. The door is not very much spacious. • Students’ bench and table: Every 2\3 students sit in a bench. The bench and the writing table are joined together. There is a long wooden string in every two sides of bench. There are columns and every column has rows with only one bench. There are 4 columns and 5 rows of benches in the...
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