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Brand awareness
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Brand awareness is a marketing concept that measures consumers' knowledge of a brand's existence. At the aggregate (brand) level, it refers to the proportion of consumers who know of the brand.

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[pic][edit] Measurement driven conceptualization

Brand awareness, In general, means the extent to which a brand associated with a particular product is documented by potential and existing customers either positively or negatively. Creation of brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising at the beginning of any product's life cycle in target markets. In fact, brand awareness has influence on buying behaviour of a buyer. All of these calculations are, at best, approximations. A more complete understanding of the brand can occur if multiple measures are used. A brand equity is the positive effect of the brand on the difference between the prices that the consumer accepts to pay when the brand known compared to the value of the benefit received. There are two schools of thought regarding the existence of negative brand equity. One perspective states brand equity cannot be negative, hypothesizing only positive brand equity is created by marketing activities such as advertising, PR, and promotion. A second perspective is that negative equity can exist, due to catastrophic events to the brand, such as a wide product recall or continued negative press attention (Blackwater or Halliburton, for example). Colloquially, the term "negative brand equity" may be...
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