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Introduction to project
"The real" in reality programming is a highly flexible concept. Rather than solely relying upon the use of actual documentary or "live" footage for its credibility, reality programming often draws upon a mix of acting, news footage, interviews and re-creations in a highly simulated pretense towards the "real." Admittedly, mainstream television news is also involved in the recreation of reality, rather than simply recording actual events. And yet, "reality" is dramatized on reality programming to an extent quite unlike conventional television news, and this dramatization is often geared towards more promotional, rather than informational, ends. The truth of the matter is that reality shows are all fundamentally real at their core, but with most programming – producers know that viewership is key to securing the corporate sponsorships. High viewership leads to more corporate sponsors, more corporate sponsors means more money, more money means more profits for all involved in the production. So, since viewership is key, sometimes they extort or beef up ‘reality’ to make it more interesting, or it has to be ‘planned reality’ because of the numerous legalities and logistics surrounding taping. Problems With Reality TV

Some of the problems with reality TV range from ethics to the actual people on the show. When reality TV first hit the big time with MTV's Real World, things were calm since no one knew what to expect. Now with the deluge of reality tv shows on television right now, it was only a matter of time before bad writing, contestant exploitation, and blatant rip-offs were to inhabit the industry, They Just Aren't Real

Scripts are used in some reality shows. It's just a matter-of-fact now. Situations are manufactured and specific lines are given to the reality show participants so that drama can unfold. Most reality TV shows have specific themes and challenges that are meant to pit the contestants or participants together so they fight, argue, and cause mayhem. Humiliation

Many people watch reality TV to satisfy the desire to laugh at those people who have problems. Viewers mock, criticize, ridicule, and judge those who can't get along with others, like to make fools of themselves, and do stupid things just to make a buck. Perpetuation

One major problem with reality TV is the perpetuation of problems. The themes are enhanced when watching reality TV. Racisim, homophobia, gender hatred, etc. are all obvious with some reality TV shows and subtle in others. The fact that the producers let this happen reinforces the bad elements of people which were once hidden from public view. Problems With Reality TV: Stock Characters

Whether you see it or not, reality TV tends to cast those characters we can all figure out within the first episode. Some of the common characters we run across on reality TV: * The sweet and innocent girl

* The outspoken man or woman
* The party guy or girl
* The promiscuous person

Money/Power/Drama Motivation
When money or power is the ultimate goal of a reality TV show, this is a bad effect because then people can potentially get hurt. The two most common ways people get hurt are emotionally and mentally. Sadly, though, the ones who do the most hurting are usually the ones that stay on the show the longest. Producers know who to cut and when. They do follow trends and they do listen to the audience of the show. It is all about ratings for the producers and money or power or even fame for the contestants. The great thing about reality shows is that they usually cost a lot less to produce than a scripted series – this also means more money for the producers. So, whether you like reality shows or not – they are not going away anytime soon Being Outrageous/Fame

One problem with reality TV that has occurred within the past few years is monotony. There's rarely a fresh idea lately which causes some of the participants to figure out the most outrageous...
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