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Topics: Mind, Television, Reality television Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: March 8, 2013
PROMPT: Examine the causes and/or effects of television on personal identity Most of us want to think that watching long hours of TV has no effect on how we think, view or do things. While many people use TV as a way to block things out, I believe it takes effect on one’s personal self. According to the A.C. Nielsen CO, the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day. Can television cause effects on personal identity? For instance, as a result of people watching TV, it makes them shop more and over spend, because they fall into the materialistic part of TV. Due to the increased reality shows, there has been an undeniably decrease in societies usual routine. TV has caused effects on personal identity. It is designed to brain-wash if it’s not used in moderation. Although some people may think TV does not affect them, excessively watching TV causes laziness, inactiveness, impatience and much more. The effects that TV has on personal identity can change people’s ideas about violence, sex, money, drugs, diet, and quick fixes. Also if my mind is set on the positive part of something, I’ll hear something on TV that will open my mind up to negative thoughts. I’ve noticed when I don’t watch TV I spend more time doing other activities, like reading, exercising, spending more time with family and opening myself up to new things. People can see things their own way without TV interfering with their thoughts. At times I catch myself saying I have to get home by a certain time to watch the TV shows, when I really should be doing something more productive. TV effects many women by destroying their paradigms about, health and beauty, African American men and materialism. Watching TV makes people think they can be fit like they want by doing what they advertise. That’s why I say TV is quick fixes because instead of trying to lose and tone weight the healthy way, which is jogging and making exercise apart of your daily routine; it shows you that Lipo suction and...
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