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1.1.1 Organization Structure and Hierarchy  The system will provide an option for making a flexible organization structure and reporting relationships between different positions. 1.1.2 Salary scale and placement/ post definition  The system will enable capture of details (e.g. rank, division, job title, Job Description etc) of various positions within the organizations and the authorized posts for each rank. 1.1.3 Employee details  This section captures all the personal details of an employee (e.g. Name, Employee No., Date of birth, sex, Salary scale, Division/Unit, Job grade, Date of appointment, education level and qualification, contractual agreement etc.) and other related details such as employee’s next of kin and their details(names, ages, sex, relation to employee etc). The system will allow addition or deletion of information only by authorized persons and keep an audit trail of who and when such changes were made. 1.1.4 Recruitment  The system will enable capture of post to be filled, advertising, qualifications required, short listing, interviewing and results (scores), confirmation of appointment and capture into the organization’s employee master record. 1.1.5 Casuals  The system will recruit and manage casual workers. 1.1.6 Leave  The system will be able to capture leave roster and annual leave entitlement for each employee, type of leave, planned start date, end date, duration, leave allowance (if any), month due and leave balance.  The system will also allow individual employees to apply for leave online and truck the progress of their application. Leave    types Annual leave Paid study leave Unpaid study leave

    

Maternity leave Compassionate leave Annual special holiday leave Sick leave Terminal leave

1.1.7 Discipline  The system will have provision for disciplinary measures for various offenses by employees. Since the nature of offenses may vary widely, the system should be able to capture in descriptive format the offense committed by the employee and disciplinary procedures to be followed.  List the categories of offenses. An offense committed by employee should fall into one of these categories.  Type the action taken e.g. warning, suspension, interdiction, demotion, demotion, demotion in rank etc as outlined in the disciplinary procedures.  Disciplinary appeals and their outcome. 1.1.8 Loans management  The loans management system will define loan type and entitlement per scale and the condition and requirements that apply for each type of loan. This may include Collateral security requirement.  Employee will be able to make their own loan application online and the system should make preliminary assessment on the eligibility of the employee and automatically advice the applicant. The report should include the net pay after the loans has been affected.  Employees will be able to track their loan application on-line.  Once the loan has been approved, the system will connect the approved loan to payroll system.  Will show amount borrowed, recovery period, repayment progress, monthly installments and interest and the outstanding balance. 1.1.9 Performance Appraisals  The system will provide for categories of staff e.g. the appraisal for management and non- management staff.  Types of Appraisal e.g. annual, confirmations, special  User defined Performance attributes and rating  The system will be able to carry out staff appraisal online  Total points score, Recommendation and action taken. Time Management

Time management will track how employees’ spend their time and the real labor costs on a project-by-project basis. The system’s main functionality should include    Time tracking-Tracking of time spent by a particular employee on an assignment in any particular day Assignments Tracking – Tracking of assignments, sorting by status, and objects affected...
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