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Topics: Africa, Slavery, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: February 13, 2014

Domingues da Silva, Daniel B. "The Atlantic Slave Trade from Angola: A Port-by-Port Estimate of Slaves Embarked, 1701-1867." International Journal Of African Historical Studies 46, no. 1 (February 2013): 105-122. The Atlantic slave trade from Angola was served as the principle source of slave for the America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries according to Daniel. Daniel used the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database to estimate the number of slave leaving west central Africa to another country. Base on the slave database it showed that there were 7839 voyages carried more than 4441900 slaves from west central Africa (105). By the time the number of the slave leaving Angola increase; slaves were traded all around the world such as Brazil, French, and British (106). With huge number of slave trade through the years many people start record and estimated the number of slave like David Eltis, José Curto, and Joseph Miller (109). With many efforts investigate and with many method they finally updated the version call Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database now called Voyages (109). After the eighteenth century the slave trade in Angola began to expand. The most of slaves were leaving Angola to Brazil. Sugar industry impacts on the price of the sugar in Caribbean. Sugar production was depending on the salve labors. From that Brazil purchase more slaves to be able to work on sugar industry; and because of that the competition to Portuguese traders on the coast of West Central Africa became stronger and stronger (113). The Portuguese attempts to control the trade between Angola and British, and the Brazil efforts to suppress it(116). In conclusion because of many industries such as cotton, tobacco, sugar trade leading the slave traded became stronger even it legal or illegal. The number of slaves and voyages increased by years show how importance of slave labor during eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In those century the Portuguese was the most powerful...
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