Review of the Truman Show

Topics: The Truman Show, Reality television, Jim Carrey Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Review of The Truman Show

Exaggerated, entertaining and at the same time very emotional. These are all adjectives, which describes this spectacular movie about a reality show, which adopt a real person before birth just to make a great show out of it. Does it sound insane? Not really. Maybe years ago, when the film was made, people may have thought it was too unrealistic, but nowadays it is actually plausible. It is not that far away from all the reality stars, who are selling their personal life to the public just to earn money or sometimes just to get famous.

In The Truman Show we follow the man, Truman Burbank round the clock. All over the world people watches his daily life in the fake city, which is actually just a piece of scenery in Hollywood. By putting up thousands of cameras all over the city, it is possible for the audience from all over the world to follow every step he takes through the TV. The only one who believes it is the real world is the main character, Truman. He is living a perfect life with a beautiful wife and a great job in a town where everybody likes him. But one day Truman gets the suspicion, that everything is planned and that he might be monitored.

It is interesting to watch how close Truman keeps coming to the truth, but also how much manipulation the fictive creator of the show, Christophe, uses just to keep the number of viewers on maximum. However the story is a bit sick and scary, by in a way exploit a human being, who has not signed up for it himself, it is also a very charming and funny movie with Jim Carrey playing the role as Truman. Once again Jim Carrey has done a phenomenal job as the talented actor he is, just like the rest of the cast.

This film is extremely thought-through and also surprisingly relevant to the 21. Century. It is an extreme version of the real world, where it is all about selling a product. I have never before seen a movie like this. You cannot stop thinking what if this is happening to...
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