Rhinoceros Comparison

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Character Analysis
In my comparative character analysis of Berenger in Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros and Truman Burbank, I first look at how Truman demonstrates a soul already lost inside the false truths, a soul that yearns to break free of the chains of the fake world created for him. It had all started when Truman lost his father out at sea, when he was young which kept Truman fighting for truth of the world. In “Rhinoceros” on the other hand, Berenger refused to let go of his strong individuality and distinct separation from others, while every other character in the play had turned into a Rhinoceros. Berenger says that he will not give in to the Rhinos at the final line of the play, by yelling, “I’m not capitulating!” Truman that he had no choices to make on his own, but rather each choice and decision was chosen for him. Christoff, the dictator of Truman’s life, tried to explain to Truman that he was doing things for his own good, but Truman overcame his wishes to stay in his world, to precede his new life of self-choice. Eventually both characters prove stronger than their opposition and triumph over the falsities that face them. (200)

Becoming Hero’s
Throughout history many stories, legends, and tales have been told involving great heroes and mighty leaders. Hercules, Leonidas, and Chuck Norris are all names that come to mind when considering great heroes that arisen throughout history; all share one common trait. Generally legends and heroes are born with power already given, they begin with great characteristics and qualities; rarely do are heroes ordinary citizens. Hardly ever do legends and myths depict ordinary men overcoming extraordinary obstacles and succeeding. Eventually both characters, Truman and Berenger, prove stronger than their opposition and triumph over the falsities that face them. In the Truman Show, the main character Truman lives in an uneventful world; or so he thinks, until he tries to make his world eventful by overcoming his fears. Eventually Truman realizes that only by confronting ones fears and being courageous can a person be free and allowed to be truly happy. Truman’s case doesn't necessarily mean physical courage. The harsh truth was that he had to say no to everyone he thought was important in his life so that he could do what he knew to be right, even in the face of overwhelming pressure. Fear was how they controlled him. Right from his childhood society kept him in check & spoiled his inclination to be an explorer though ultimately he found the strength to beat them. It eventually dawned on Truman that he had no choices to make on his own, but rather each choice and decision was chosen for him. Truman had to overcome his fears of being in water and the mystery of what is beyond the boundaries that surround him. For example, Truman had lost his father out at sea when he was a young child and this caused Truman to steer as far away from the water as he could. However, he started to question what else was out there in the world, due to the technical difficulties that were allowing Truman to question his environment that he was living in. As Truman kept pursuing the truth of his world that he was living in, he found himself stuck in positions that kept him fighting in his effort to explore the truth. Christoff, who is the dictator of Truman’s life, had to find ways to keep Truman from pursing more because his fears were what were keeping Truman from getting out of his world. The dictator Christoff was responsible for putting Truman Burbank on television and keeping those that watched Truman inspired by his story and quite intrigued by his life. Many had watched him from birth and found Christoff as a hero; a few tried to standup to Christoff and tell Truman the truth about his life. Truman started noticing unusual things that shouldn’t happen in everyday life. As Truman noticed that the back of an elevator was a backroom to a place he had never...

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Audience Analysis
Those that have read “Rhinoceros” or watched the movie “The Truman Show” could read this for academic use or for recreational use too. Many that will watch this movie will watch this movie are those that care about the actor or actress. In the case of “The Truman Show”, the main character Truman played by Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is one of the funniest actors for his interesting twists and facial expressions that he uses to really spark a laugh in his audience. For this reason, my professor will watch “The Truman Show” because she is energetic and outgoing and this movie goes well with her personality and the play Rhinoceros is quite absurd and the professor likes to be different, which this play goes great again with her personality.
In the case of the “Rhinoceros”, books are timeless, we are able to read books that were written 500 years ago and we still gain something. For a professor knowledge is their life, since my professor is giving me knowledge by assigning me books and material to read, to be knowledgeable means to do things correct. Professor Keawe always emphasized how important formatting and your audience is and this has stayed true to the end of my essay.
As professor Keawe guided us through the process of writing the paper we found the process to be much more in depth and in analysis then most professors. The world is more interested in instant gratification rather than reading a book and processing each detail in full, most people would rather go to the movie theater and pay their 10 dollars and enjoy a 2-hour movie. Many scholarly people enjoy the more depth and thought process needed while reading a book because it keeps the reader’s enjoyment at a pleasurable level. Since my professor is an English professor means that she analyzes all type of literature and print that it comes natural to her now. Since professor Keawe is pursuing her Ph. D.
The amount of people that read books and like to think deeper than just reading and not learning or retaining are usually older more academically sufficient rather than some of those that do not have much schooling background and or are lazy and do not find time to read. Since my audience is my professor I had to dig deeper in the text because due to my professor’s love for English there is no excuse for not being well supported in my paper. It is not every English professor that takes the time to help develop, analyze, and critique like Professor Keawe.
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