Role of a Teaching Assistant

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1.Duties and responsibilities:

• To provide educational, emotional and physical support to pupils. • To work with individuals and groups of children under the direction of a class teacher. • To support the class teacher in developing and preparing specific activities and programmes of support for the children. • To organise the availability and care of class room resources. • To ensure health and safety of the children and to report all concerns to the head. • To contribute to, and implement, the schools behaviour policy. • To assist with the supervision of the children at the beginning and end of the school day and at breaks. • To keep classrooms and other areas tidy.

• To assist with playground supervision.

2. Support for the teachers:

• To report the children’s progress to the teacher, keep written records as necessary.

• To liaise with parents as directed by the teacher to foster good links between home and school. • To accompany teachers and children on school visits. • To operate equipment for the teachers.

• To supervise groups of children as requested by the teacher/head. • To establish routine contacts with other professional staff e.g., head.

3. Support for the school:

• To attend relevant in-service training.
• To attend school meetings as directed by the head.
• To develop social interaction at in class and during play times.

4. Support with the curriculum:

• To support the individual and group work in any curricular area under the guidance of the teacher. • To prepare materials, deliver and record progress under the guidance of the teacher.

5. General advice to advance children’s learning:

We can;

• Interest and motivate children.
• Help them understand how to do an activity.
• Hear them rehearse skills.
• Give them confidence to work something out on their own. •...
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