Roles and Responisibilities

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Education, Lifelong learning Pages: 6 (1471 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Unit One: Roles & Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning

I am currently running a make up training academy to enable my students to obtain all the skills and training required to enable them to establish themselves as make up artist in the industry.

As well as maintaining industry knowledge and requirements I would need to be mindful of the following whilst conducting my classes:

1. Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities

There is certain legislation that has an affect on how I conduct myself in class with my students as well as ensuring that my class in return also conduct themselves accordingly.

At present there is the following legislation that I need be aware of when I am carrying out classes with my students: • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
• Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and amended 2003 • Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005 (DDA).
• Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SENDA) • Equality Act 2006.
• Data Protection Act 1998
• Children Act 2004
• Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (amended 2008)
An example of how the above legislation would affect my teaching in class would be: 1. I need to ensure that when I am conducting lessons I ensure that there is adequate heating, lighting and air in the classroom. I also need to ensure that if I am using any IT equipment that all wires are neatly tied up to avoid trips and falls. Here is an extract from The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in General duties Section 2: It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees. (e)the provision and maintenance of a working environment for his employees that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe, without risks to health, and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.

2. I must also ensure that whilst I am in class I respect student confidentiality and provide assurance that my student’s personal information is protected. I can do this by adhering to the Data Protection Act. Here is an extract from Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act listing some of the data protection principles in the following terms: 1. Personal data shall be obtained only for one or more specified and lawful purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.

2. Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.

As well as various legislation every employer/ learning institute has a code of practice in place. This is normally put into place to ensure that there is an acceptable level of conduct maintained throughout by all employees/students. These are sometimes referred to as company or college policies. These are not usually bound by any legislation in particular. However, a student/employee would normally sign an agreement when enrolling for a training course. Once such an agreement is signed this is then subject to contract law and breaking the stated agreement could lead to serious consequences. There is a Professional Code of Practice outlined on the Institute For Learning on Examples of Code of Practice I would need to display in the classroom are:

|Code |Details | |Care |Should ensure the safety and welfare of their students | |Professional Practice |Should conduct themselves in a manner which complies with legal and institute | | |guideline...

References: GRAVELLS A. & SIMPSON S. 2011. Equality and Diversity in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Exeter, Learning Matters
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