Room 101

Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: January 24, 2014
 Assignment 1 – Writing to Argue By Hafiza Begum
Don’t Get Me Started On... TOWIE

Don’t you just despise TOWIE? Whenever I happen to watch a short clip or episode of this damned TV show I’m absolutely amazed and stunned at people’s stupidity. I mean, really? Watching The Only Way is Essex is a pain in my backside. The TV show itself makes me embarrassed of what humans have become capable of in this day and age. Nowadays scientists have declared that humans are getting more gifted and talented, but seriously if you ask me, one look at TOWIE and I see absolutely no truth in what they say. All I can gather from these reality TV shows are that humans have become so unintelligent and fake. What I mean by this is that all these actors have these horrendous, ghastly and ridiculous operations to become plastic... These gigantic boobs make me ashamed and humiliated that I am a female. Fake tan? I think not! Certainly if I had a kid I would never let my child go near the TV. The people who act in TOWIE are really sick examples for the younger generation. Who would detest TOWIE? Oh I’ll tell you who: people who are sane. Do you like TOWIE? Get. A. Life. This may surprise you but until a week ago, I had never seen the atrocity that is TOWIE. As usual I was doing my normal Saturday shopping at my local supermarket ASDA. Whilst I was happily shopping for the house, my eye caught something so bright it stopped me in my tracks. I craned my neck around and saw a rack of Navel oranges. Ooohh my favourite! Later that day I was sitting in front of the TV and was placing each piece of the succulent Navel oranges in my mouth, savouring the taste as the sharp but sweet juice filled it. As this was happening something utterly dreadful happened. DREADFUL. My best friend, who just came by for a sleep over, switched the channels and a foul, sickening and monstrous thing...
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