Sample of Celebrity Culture Gone Too Far Essay

Topics: Reality television, World, MTV Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: November 30, 2011
So, what happened on Jersey Shore last night? I’m sure most of you could tell me. So, what happened with the IMF and the Greek government last night? I’m sure most of you couldn’t tell me. The world we live in today has changed a lot. We live in such a safe, comfortable place, despite economic troubles and mounting debt. But we don’t have much to complain about. We don’t really need to worry about violation of our human rights or violent protests or government forces violence against citizens or such things like that. Everything is taken care of for us, we just have to show up at school or work, do our job, go home and sit in front of the TV and turn off our brains. We don’t even need to think anymore. We live in a culture where young people know more about the life of Lindsay Lohan than they do about what is going on in our parliament. Why? How did this possibly come about and why don’t people care? I believe that we as a society, and particularly women, have fallen off the intellectual path. It’s a sad day when nobody bats an eyelid to the fact that young girls know every detail of ‘Snooki’s’ life but could not tell you what’s happening in current world affairs. We are all guilty of spending a phenomenal amount of time on the internet, but it shocks me the amount of this time that women spend following celebrity news and reading tabloids. How many celeb magazines do you read in a month compared to newspapers? And the awful thing is that young girls and women are not only obsessed with following celebrity culture, they also dream of being part of it. If you asked a bunch of young girls what their main ambition in life is I’m sure the majority answer you’d get would be along the lines of “become rich and famous.” Could the intellectual ladies please stand up? Why do we not have such inspirational role models? Why am I flooded with campaigns everywhere I go advertising the latest reality TV shows or the newest, juiciest, sneakiest celeb scandal that...
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