Sample of Rules and Regulations

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Class Computer
1. Maintain the cleanliness of the monitor and the computer table daily. 2. DO NOT insert any hard drives (USB, CD etc.) on the computer without the teacher’s consent. 3. Do not use the PC without the teacher’s permission.

4. Use the computer properly and only when needed for class activities or lectures. 5. DO NOT download any software or applications in the system. 6. Unplug when not needed.

II. Projector
1. Do not use the projector without the teacher’s consent. 2. Do not use it for activities not related to your studies (e.g. watching movies) 3. Replace the battery of the remote immediately once it is drained. 4. Use it properly.

5. Turn the projector off when not in use.

III. Electric Fan
1. Maintain its cleanliness daily.
2. Turn off when the flag ceremony starts, when classes are dismissed and when there are no students in the classroom to save electricity.

IV. Classroom Lights
1. Turn off all the lights during flag ceremony, when classes are dismissed and when nobody is in the classroom. 2. Do not play with the light switch.
3. Once the projector is being used, automatically turn the lights off.

1. The classroom officers are in charge of inspecting or checking that these rules are being followed. They are also responsible for the condition of these equipments. 2. Once a student had broken any of the classroom appliances, he/she will automatically pay for the repair along with an explanation. If it cannot be fixed, then payment for the damage is needed. 3. For any problems regarding these, you may approach the class president or class adviser. 4. If a student had broken one of the rules, the class adviser will give the decision on what to do. 5. The classroom cleaners will be responsible for cleaning the appliances and cleanliness of the room.
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