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English in my school environment is used as a home language to 40% of the students in my classroom and as a first language to the remaining majority. The school is well resourced with textbooks, chalkboards, projectors and also writing books as materials and every student has a desk and chair to sit on during the school day. The school accommodates for students with the playground as well, they have a volleyball, basketball, and soccer and tennis court. All buildings of the school are well maintained and kept very clean, this allows for a comfortable learning environment. Each block of classrooms also has security guards that are visible to all students at all times providing a secure and safe schooling environment for students. The school is based on a diverse society, multi-racial students with different traditions and beliefs. This allows for students to intermingle with students that share a different value or trait, allowing for all students to see equality in our rainbow nation, South Africa.

Social media applications have rules our youth for the past ten to twelve years. MXit is still one of the major applications used by majority of the students, as stipulated in the articles, “MXit also appeals to young people from poorer communities due to its low cost...”. The students in my Grade Ten classes come from the lower socioeconomic background. Students will be interested in this article mainly because it relates to them in a sense that, they are familiar with this application which they use on a daily basis to communicate with fellow classmates as well as friends and/or family members. Learners will be able to relate to the discussion at hand because they have a lot of knowledge on the particular application that is being related in the article, furthermore, I personally feel that after the discussion a lot of students will also join the “Safely Home App”, joining 45 547 other young and vibrant people that range between the ages of fourteen and twenty years old.

Grade: 10
Activity 1: Listening and Speaking
Duration: A single period of 40 minutes.
For students to offer their focused attention and concentration on areas of concern. Students should respond positively to my article, because it is the kind of information that they expect to listen about their everyday life. To write a creative or descriptive paragraph of what was discussed in a summary form. Speaking amongst the multicultural and multilingual classroom that they are in. Students should feel welcomed and valued in the classroom after I encourage them to be confident. Students to be motivated to talk in the classroom without being worried about what the class thinks. Description of activity and assessment:

I will design a lesson that involves a quiet setting with no distractions, which could be in the playground while the rest of the school is still attending their classes. Laying down and staring into the sky. This will allow me to achieve the ultimate peace and serenity which we are seeking from students. At that optimal level, I will read my article out so that students can listen attentively and find excitement as well because we are discussing social media. After reading the article, I will allow students to express their thoughts, bearing in mind my body language. Thereafter, we all will sit on the ground and discuss what was learnt. This involves listening actively and speaking to one another. I will encourage all students to talk and express their feelings about the article making sure there is no criticism and laughing or mocking from the classroom. The classroom consists of multicultural and bilingual students but the only form of communication is through English. After reading and discussing this article that has achieved active listening and speaking, I will carry out a task by showing students this application on my phone...
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