Service Request Sr-Kf-013

Topics: Accounting software, Accounts receivable, Computer program Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Service Request SR-rm012: Finance Review
Stephen Askew
Edward Ruppel
March 30, 2013

Finance Page Review
The finance page navigation is simple to find and view. It is combined with the accounting information. When the user right-click the Finance & Accounting tab it’s links to the overview page of Finance and Accounting. Under the overview that is to the left of the web page discuss the systems that are currently functional. It includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order entry, procurement, sales/purchasing history, invoicing/shipping, payroll, financial reporting, EDI (San Jose only), bar code reading (San Jose), and EDSS (Executive Decision Support System (San Jose only). The background is under the overview informs the user of the Georgia and Michigan finance and accounting system’s compatibility was not addressed. In that area needs correcting so that all systems are compatible. The center and focal point of the web page discuss the situations that the finance and accounting system lacks. The system uses a fully integrated Windows based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) manufacturing distribution and management software application that is licensed to process plastics processors, process, and assembly manufacturing. The problem is the license does not include the application source code at the San Jose system. Michigan purchased a vendor developed software application and the attendant source code and process application. The vendor is no longer in business and the application runs on a pair of DEC Alpha’s while using a VMS operating system, VAX4000 work stations and programmed in C. This will require an application to debug and fix the program from a C programmer specialist. Georgia also purchased a vendor developed software application but runs on AS400’s , using UNIX operating system, Windows, and programmed in RPG400.They should either pick the current running vendor from Georgia to help lower cost of running...
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