Sex and Alcohol on the Real World

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Reality television Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: May 16, 2006
MTV has been putting seven strangers into a mansion for years, but none of the previous episodes have been so intoxicated and as sexually driven as "The Real World---Key West". There is John, the typical frat boy, Svetlana, the sexy Russian princess, Paula, the confused and neurotic barbie doll, Zach, your typical nice guy, Janelle, know it all snob, and Jose, the guy with the biggest heart, and Tyler, the lone homosexual in the house. By putting young gorgeous people in one house, every roommate is attracted to everyone else. This is what the creators edit to show the public audiences, because sex sells. The MTV series "The Real World Key West" encourages immoral behavior and alcohol abuse by putting seven wild people in a mansion with unlimited funds and no rules. Basically, suggesting to young adults that this is the way to live. Every episode is about the roommates going to a club, having a party, or who's doing who. Displaying to young adults and teens that this is how college kids act and that it's always a fun time, being that when you're on TV, you're an icon. The show displays that casual sex is okay in our society. Every episode is filled with drama, alcohol, and sex. If you tune in for just one episode you are bound to see someone cheating on their partner, someone having sex with a person who they don't even know the name of yet, or someone getting intoxicated until they pass out. There are sexual transmitted diseases, pregnancy, angry girlfriends, and most of all AIDS. By putting this on TV, it infers that celebrities don't really worry about the consequences of there actions, why should I? Drinking all night, every night, is always fun in "The Real World". Why do so many people watch "The Real World"? The answer is because it's entertainment. Things are always funny or entertaining to our society as long as it's not actually happening to them. It's a real life soap opera that people can sit down and relate to. We all have a story, or know a story,...
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