Sexual Disorders

Topics: Drug addiction, Human behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: June 14, 2010
Jessica Rhodes
Should all paraphilias be considered disorders;
I compare the transcending of parahilias from harmless to harmful with drug use. For drugs, marijuana can be a gateway drug as it opens up the social network of people that use it, which then eventually opens up the possibility of a new drug being passed around your new circle of friends and eventually to you. Along with the drug will come the behaviors to match. As people try new things, sometimes they aren’t satisfied for long and continue to chase the excitement of pushing the boundaries for themselves. As a fetish I can see how people are thrilled by these things. What happens when they become bored with their present thrills and look to find new things that make them as excited or more the ones before? They are adding people to their social network with like interests and most likely some of these people will be much more experienced and have new ideas to push their boundaries. I can see how this could lead to unsafe practices or putting people in situations outside of their comfort level. As our text explains the behavioral account of the development of paraphilias, after a person pairs masturbation with inappropriate sexual fantasies repeatedly, they then extend the frequency and intensity. Naturally, if the person is feeling good about what they are doing they will repeat it. The intensity increase can account for the need to add to what they are doing. What may have been exciting and shocking before, is dull and boring at the present so they need to come up with something new. I was astounded by the statistics in our lecture notes regarding people who using the internet for sexual entertainment and was surprised to see that there was no percentage for those who were just curious or began with curiosity. I was also surprised that over 50% of the men were in committed relationships. I wonder if the relationship was lacking something for them or if they would be engaging in online sexual...
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