Shattered Dreams and Broken Promises: Absent Fathers

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Shattered Dreams and Broken Promises: Absent Fathers.

Children in families with absent fathers are more vulnerable compared to the children in families, where two parents are present. Self-appraisal in children with absent fathers is quite low, as these children suffer from their mother's emotional crisis, as well as her attempts to replace the role that the father is supposed to play, as mother often tries to adhere to strict educational and behavioural strategies, while neglecting traditional mother's traits of character, such as care, maternal love and attitude, and tolerance to children. At the same time, such change in behaviour has negative impact on child's self-esteem, sense of self-reliance, and positive self-appraisal in general. The aim of the study is to prove the following assumptions: absent fathers have negative impact on their children's development, as well as negatively impact children's self-appraisal.

The effects absent fathers have on female development

There are distinct differences between the behaviour of females who lost their fathers to death rather than those who lost him to separation or divorce. The ways in which they view the opposite sex, the outside world and themselves are forever tainted as a result of missing the key element of a father.

Dad and daughter - a special bond - fathers affect girls' emotional adjustment

A late-night heart-to-heart talk; a comforting parental hug to soothe the sting of a classmate's hateful words; the right-on-target kidding from the one who knows us best--while the common stereotype would credit the mother for such nurturing acts, researchers have found that children, especially adolescent girls, need to receive this treatment from their fathers perhaps as much as they need it from their mothers.

"We found that girls aged 12-17 who said they were not close with their fathers cited a significantly higher incidence of depressed mood than girls who described their relationship with...
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