Topics: Sociology, Abstraction Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Chapter 11: Questions on Content, Structure, and Style
1.Schneider’s description of his mother is primarily subjective. He shows personal and particular attitudes towards his mother. “I am amazed by my mother’s accomplishments.” (Schneider 6) 3.The dominant impression of Schneider’s mother portrayed in this essay is that she is an athletic, determined woman, who goes outside of the social norms to do what she loves. The details he uses to describe her character are when he mentions her game face, or how she’d happily grab a glove to play catch, or the gleam in her eye, and they way she was always gracious whether she won or lost. He also mentioned the goals she set for herself in bowling, even in her old age. 7.Adding dialogue to this essay makes it more realistic, and brings personality to the characters. When he quotes his neighbors’ comments on his mother’s throwing, the audience can picture all of the neighbors gawking and watching her throw the ball in amazement. When he quote’s his mother, the audience can picture her emotions in the words she uses. 10.Schneider successfully created an image of his mother in the personality aspect. A way he could have improved his description would have been describing her physically. The audience doesn’t know whether she’s strong and stocky for a girl, or small and quick. Also, describing the rest of her physical features may have given the audience better imagery, and given them a good idea of what she looked like when throwing the ball.
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