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Pharrah BrownOctober 22, 2012

Journal Entry 7

Should teacher be allowed to via students on facebook, twitter or texting?

The answer is No, because facebook and twitter are social networks and can be distractions. I also do not feel that it is a proper place for kids to interact with their teachers, there should be a line drawn. I also feel that inappropriate conversations may take place and no one would be able to monitor them. My mom does not allow me to have a facebook page because of all the negativity that takes place. I had people posting comments about me and other people I knew and they weren’t true, so she feels no one under 18 should have a facebook page because they are not mature enough for it and I feel the same.

What standards do you expect your teacher to adhere to?

Are hands down enthusiasm and a well disciplined class room. Consistency with student expectations and guidelines. Sincerity in communication with students. They have respectful classrooms. They don’t have quite classrooms, and their classrooms tend to seem chaotic to a causal observe, but a high level of respect is prevent to and from each individuals, including the teacher. If I feel like I have an equal chance of learn because of the leader of the class, the teacher, has control over the class but then the focus of the class become everything the teacher does to subject interesting or fun.

What does a good teacher look likes?

A good teacher should always look like is enthusiastic. Encouraging that she have nice and respectful students. Caring to do her job. Respectful to her self, students and staff workers .Intelligent to do the work don’t matter if the children are bad or good. Diligent to do was right in older to keep her grounds. Therefore some one is approachable at work.
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