Should Parents Help Out in Their Childs Classroom

Topics: Classroom, Parent, Mother Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: January 15, 2015
Argumentative Thesis
Petra Morales
Ms. Cram
21 November 2014

Since I have started middle school, the one thing I’ve noticed is the large amount of homework that has been assigned not only on week days but also on weekends. I am usually confused to what I am supposed to be doing in class and with the work that I bring home. I have never been very good at understanding and then explaining my work load to my mom at home and she has tried to help me as best as she can by calling my classmates or looking up the school website, even emailing my teachers. So, on a Friday my english teacher gives us an assignment for the weekend. Read the two argumentative essay and pick who I side with. Then write it up. When I first read over the two essays, Putting Parents in Their Place: Outside Class, and Letter from a “Concerned Mother”, I really liked the idea to keep parents out of the middle school classroom. So I brought my assignment home and asked my mom how I was to begin my essay. My mom reread the instructions to me and it said, “…choose an approach to the subject that matters to you…”. By that time I had forgot that I was to make an argument for or against parent involvement in school. So I picked a completely different topic than what my teacher had said in class and wrote up my paper for school. Well, I got it completely wrong. So my mom who was really annoyed with me emailed my teacher for clarification. At this point I started talking to my sister about who’s side I should take between the two essays. My sister looks at me and says, “Look at what mom is doing for you. What do you think?” My sister was right. Our mom does help us as much as she can but she still tries to give us our space at the same time. I believe that parents should be able to volunteer in classrooms because it offers a support base for the teachers and students, sends a positive message that they consider school important and it allows interaction between teachers and...
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