Should Reality Shows Be Banned.

Topics: Reality television, Television, America's Next Top Model Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: November 15, 2011
A newspaper headline screams in your face - Sixteen year old Shinjini from Kolkata has been reported paralysed after she was rebuked by the judges of the TV reality show Dhoom Macha Le Dhoom. Unable to cope with the humiliation, Shinjini failed to recover from the shock and lost her ability to speak and identify people. Good morning respected judges, venerable teachers, dear friends and my worthy opponents. Today I stand before you to speak for the motion. The newspaper headline which I just mentioned is not a piece of imagination but the result of a Bengali E TV reality show of 19 May 11. I firmly believe that reality shows need to be debated and I will prove beyond any doubts or misgivings that trend of reality shows is a bane which must be stopped and stopped forthwith. Advocates of reality shows say that these shows present true emotions and reactions of the participants in various situations and therefore,the audience connects with them. But in fact it is not so . The fact is that these are pre scripted, edited and manipulated to create sensational stuff. Mostly these shows have a bunch of young , good looking self publicists who are placed in unnatural situations , such as Big Boss house and Splitsvilla and then are provoked into behaving oddly. Only their most dramatic parts are shown on tv to create sensationalism. The concept of reality shows has been borrowed from western media. These shows clash with our cultural ethos and are making people less tolerant and much more demanding, leading to break up of family systems and erosion of moral values. Reality shows do make heroes out of ordinary men and women. These shows suggest that anyone can become famous just by getting on TV and being themselves without working hard or having any particular talent. But we all know that the fame which winners of reality shows get lasts only 15 minutes. Once the show is over these people are left to fend for themselves and then they face the harsh reality....
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