Since the Invention of Television, the Medium Has Had Its Ups and Downs. at First, Television Watching Was a Communal Affair; the First Television Set Owners in a Neighborhood Would Proudly Invite the Neighbors in to

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Television is a system for reproducing on a screen visual image transmitted by a radio signal. T.V short for television is popular among many people around the world. It is a means of communication. No, I don’t believe that television has any contribution on isolating people.

The excerpt says “At first, television watching was a communal affair; …………..proudly invite the neighbors in to view the marvelous box”. I completely disagree with this line. For me communal affairs are those activities where the members of community unite together to broaden their friendship. This could be done either by solving the problem of society or just organizing a party. In the line there is a term ‘proudly’ which for me depicts as the owner is trying to show his superiority to the neighbors. This doesn’t create a nice bond between the TV owner and the other community members. But those were old days. Now probably there is TV in every home.

Television is a good means of communication. Through television we get to know every incidents happing in the world in just on click. Thanks to the service known as cable. Because of TV we are able to know different cultures around the world without traveling the country. As being a citizen of developing country and a family member of middle class I would have hardly traveled to 5 or 6 countries. On that travel too I wouldn’t have had a chance to know about that particular country’s cultures, norms and values as the stay would be of 15-20 days in one country. But because of TV now we can know everything. Not just knowing the country’s culture but also share market, the people’s life, different species of flora and fauna and every thing that the world has offered us. For me it hasn’t isolate people rather it has bridged a gap between me and he world. By knowing the other country I am more excited in making friends of that country.

The painter Andy Warhol said that it was TV that made him to care less of having close relationship. Well...
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