Topics: Slavery, Black people, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: December 9, 2013
During slavery the slaves were treated
cruel, inhumane, and brutal. We have saw in the past the way the white men did the African Americans slaves when they put them in cages, stack them on top of each other, and stuffed them on boats basically leaving the African slaves for dead. Also we seen in the past how the white men took the African family’s split them apart and sold them off to other white men like they were food. In addition to that the white men even raped some of the African women. So, as you can see this is why slavery was never necessary in society because the slave owners could do their own work and also it’s not right to make someone work for less than the work is worth.In addition to the previous paragraph, i mentioned how slavery is inhumane; an example for this would be in the article, "PREPOSSESSED OF THE OPINION... THAT EUROPEANS ARE FOND OF THEIR FLESH" mentions the quote, "many of those slaves we transport from guinea to America are prepossessed with the opinion, that they are carried like sheep to the slaughter, and that the Europeans are fond of their flesh" the Europeans who craved this cruel trade, treated theses slaves as animals. Helpless animals. In this passage the speaker uses simile, he chose this device to compare how easy it was to drag the African Americans to their death. This emphasizes how low the Europeans seen the slaves, even though they were in such use. In doing so this adds sympathy for the many races that have been through slavery. no society should accept such inhumane behavior. Next, we see that the author  John Barbot in, '' PREPOSSESSED OF THE OPINION...THAT EUROPEANS ARE FOUND OF THEIR FLESH''  mention the quote, '' these slaves severely and barbarously treated by their masters, who subsist them poorly, and beat them inhumanly, as may be seen by the scabs and wounds on the bodies of many of them when sold''  this quote shows us that the Europeans beat the slaves nearly to death and work them nearly to death and...
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