Slavery in America

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Africa Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Salvery in America

From the 15th to the 19th century, European's brought slaves from the west central, and East Africa. This made the slave trade central to the economies of many African states and threatened many more Africans with enslavement. Millions of African's were sent to work in the new world. In 1808 a law was passed banning the import of slaves to the United States of America. Goods were sold o other countries and slaves were traded for them. Many societies recognized slaves merely as property, but others saw them as dependents that eventually might be integrated into the families of slave owners. Still other societies allowed slaves to attain positions of military or administrative power. Many of the African's were brought to perform menial or domestic labor, to serve as wives or to enhance the status of the slave owner. The slave trade between Africa and America was called 'the triangular trade' because it involved three stages. The first stage was the Outward Passage, this was when guns, alcohol and iron bars were taken from Europe to west Africa. The second part was when the enslaved Africans were exchange for European goods; this was called the 'Middle Passage'. And the third one was the 'Inward Passage' when the journey back to Europe with cargoes of sugar was bought with the slave sales.

Slavery was represented as many of the few methods of producing wealth available to common people to the African societies. Colonial officials began imposing European law in the 19th century throughout the continent of Africa. The more workers they were impacted on how much land were needed that the family could marshal to work the land. To increase the production, a family needed to invest in more workers and by that increase their share of land. The way to do this was by investing in the slaves.

The women constituted many of the slaves. The female slaves carried out some of the economic functions such as trading and cotton spinning. They washed clothes...
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