"Slavery Was Unprofitable for Slave Owners”

Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: January 22, 2013
“Slavery was unprofitable for slave owners”
For numerous centuries land owners were dependent on a free source of labor provided by slaves. They were to pay for these slaves and then allowed to do as they pleased with them. Slaves cooked, cleaned, worked on plantations, and devoted their lives submissive to the orders of their masters. For over 150 years now, historians continue to argue whether or not slaves helped countries as a whole move economically at a faster pace, or whether after calculating the head cost and transporting the slaves, the trade ended up making having little significance to the country pace and the slave owner’s wealth. The Atlantic slave trade, when a massive number of slaves from Africa were taken on enormous boats to the new world to work for no money and minimal food, clothing and shelter, lasted roughly four centuries. Nothing that does not help improve an economy and way of life lasts for such an extended amount of time unless proved beneficial. In fact, slavery would have continued to grow today if it was not for the immoral and inhuman nature of the act. In the market when a certain product does not earn a company profit, it is discontinued within months. On a larger scale the entire South was indeed profiting and thriving on slavery and that is what allowed slavery to continue for as long as it did. A year, 365 days, is the amount of time it took to get a slave from ocean to ocean. These slaves were often bought from Europeans for just three British pounds and sold to the Americans for twenty. Even after American paid the exorbitant price, nearly seven times the amount of money the British paid for a slave, it was well worth it considering these slaves would work for many years to come; the wealth provided from the slaves themselves was above and beyond the one-time payment made. Especially that the food and clothing the slaves required was made by themselves from the cotton and food they grew. South Carolina had attained the...
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