Social Cost of Development Is Too High

Topics: Costs, Child development, Ownership Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: June 17, 2013
The cost of development is too high.
The aim of this essay is to define whether society sustains an unacceptable level of human cost because of development. Firstly, the key terms of the question were analyzed to investigate the direct relationship between development and excessively high social cost. Secondly, two main areas of investigation and relevant academic sources were identified by library research. The analysis of the evidence illustrates a negative relationship between development and social cost which is demonstrated in two supporting reasons: adverse effects of development on the way people use their lands and a loss of traditional culture which has happened because of developmental change. This information shows that the human cost of development is not reasonable. Therefore, the argument presented is that society usually endures excessively high costs for progress and development.

For many centuries, development has been occurring gradually throughout societies. These improvements have had positive and negative effects on societies. Development is a process of change that happens over a period of time and takes a society towards modernization. For every change, people need to pay some social costs which are either acceptable or unacceptable. This essay will argue that society usually needs to pay excessively high costs for progress and development. This is because firstly, development has caused many deleterious changes in the way people use their lands; secondly, it can be seen that a loss of traditional culture has occurred because of developmental changes. The way people utilize their lands has altered over the last century because of continual economic expansion. These changes have impacted on both people’s ways of living and their environments. Firstly, changes in rural land use have incurred social cost by causing some people to become wealthy and powerful while others have become needy and powerless. According to Riskin, (2009,...

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